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Answers for Elders

Answers for Elders, with host Suzanne Newman, focuses on Advocacy for Caregivers and Seniors.  Tune in for one-hour discussions with vetted experts who educate seniors and those who care for them – on Caregiving, Legal, Financial, Living Solutions and more.  

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About Suzanne Newman

Suzanne Newman's passion is Advocacy for Caregivers and Seniors.  She hosts the Answers for Elders radio show, and is the Founder/CEO of Answers for Elders, Inc.  Suzanne is also a Family Caregiver Coach, former Family Caregiver for her own mother, author of The Advocate’s Heart: Finding Your Real Strength in Caring for Aging Loved Ones, and has been an Advertising Executive in Advertising, Publishing, and Digital Media for 25 years.

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