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Richie Winn

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Born just after President Reagan had taken office and the millennial scourge had just begun, Richie Winn came into this world hoping to lead millennials away from the likes of man-buns, bad decision-making, and avocados, and instead into the wonderful virtues of supply-side economics, well-reasoned debate, and bacon.  He failed.  To counteract the damage millennials have been pursuing, Richie hosts a political talk show on Saturdays at 2-3PM on AM 1380 The Answer, focusing on the logic behind the politics (or complete lack there of), in order to promote dialogue between the partisan divide.


From high school through college at UC Davis, Richie has often been outnumbered 20 to one in political debates.  Finding the situation often unfair, he has encouraged his liberal friends to recruit more people, finding a 50 to one ratio to be something a little closer to "fair" to them.  Despite his love for politics and debate, he double majored in Philosophy (specializing in logic) and Geology, figuring it would be advantageous to major in something abstract, as well as something a little more... concrete.


Richie works during the week as a geologist, during the evenings on his book, and on Saturdays breaking down liberal arguments and exposing their flaws.  The logic Richie uses will make your brain work better and help you show the liberals in your life just how logical conservatism really is.



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